**Long live the king! Survive the battles and ambushes, keep the king alive!**

Controls (Keyboard + Mouse):

  • Escape - Restart battle;
  • Scroll Mouse Wheel - Camera Zoom In/Out;
  • WASD/Arrow keys - Drag Camera (For all platforms/browsers including Firefox!);
  • Hold Mouse Wheel Button and Drag - Drag Camera (Not for Firefox! See comments below.);
  • Click with Left Mouse Button on a player squad, Drag to prepare movement direction and Release the button move the squad:

*Win Conditions:*
- King captured the flag;
- All AI squads defeated.

*Lose Conditions:*
- King is defeated;
- All player squads defeated.

LD46 link: https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/46/bouncy-battlegrounds


- [HOTFIX] Drag camera with WASD/arrow keys to handle Firefox blackscreen issue dragging with mouse wheel: https://github.com/Artemyev-Sergei/LD46/commit/c957b88bcfc3455d97b029270ccc3edcf...


LD46 - Bouncy Battlegrounds - Windows.zip 19 MB

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